Real Football in a Fantasy World

Spencer McCord, Staff Writer

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Seven teachers. One league. One Trophy.

Fantasy football has been around for 54 years but the whole game changed when the GRC Fantasy Football league started.

It all started four years ago when Mr. Brown started a fantasy football league with a couple of friends, but it grew and teachers from around the school joined. The league has now gained multiple teachers from different departments around the school including the administration.

Last year it was Mr. Shepherd who took the trophy home. While this league is small not too prominent around the school, to the members it’s a fun way to relax and have friendly competition and have a chance at getting a pretty cool trophy.

“It’s something fun to do while at work,” says Brown

But teachers aren’t the only ones that have fantasy leagues. There are probably hundreds of different leagues involving students around the school. One of these is “The Sunday Night Supper Club”. Rebecca Eaves and her family started this league four years ago.

“Every Sunday, my two sisters’ boyfriends come over and my dad makes food and we watch TV together and if a game is on we’ll watch it,” said Eaves when asked about the origin of such a name.

Unlike the GRC Fantasy Football league, the Eaves family has a plaque that they have displayed with all of the previous winners names on it.

Fantasy Football has been around for 54 years and it seems to draw more and more attention every year. There are even ESPN shows dedicated to the phenomenon. The draw to drafting the best players and competing every week is something that people
including myself love doing.