GRC Hooper Carries on Graham Family Legacy

Families That Ball Together Stay Together

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GRC Hooper Carries on Graham Family Legacy

Jordan Graham takes a shot.

Jordan Graham takes a shot.

Jordan Graham takes a shot.

Jordan Graham takes a shot.

Kathryn Gallenstein, Sports Editor

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Eye color, hair color, and basketball? There are common traits that usually run in the family, but this family has basketball running through its veins.

Sophomore Jordan Graham says he’s ready to take on the 2016-2017 basketball season following in respected footsteps.

Graham’s father, GRC’s girls’ basketball coach Robbie Graham, played basketball at Vanderbilt University, and Graham’s sister, Lexus, alumni of GRC, currently plays at Campbellsville University.

“I got into basketball through my family,” Graham said. “I’ve had a ball in my hand since I was two years old.”

Graham says he is confident in his abilities as a player.

“My family knows I’m good, and I know I’m good,” said Graham. “I cope with the pressure, but I do get nervous sometimes.”

Graham was very quick to say what he wants to come out of this year and those to come.

“This year I hope to come out with a region championship,” said Graham. “I hope for a state championship by the end of my high school career.”

Graham is the only sophomore starting varsity this year and he says he’s grateful for the opportunity.

“The juniors took me under their wing, and I appreciate them for trusting me to be in that spot,” he said.

Because he is a Graham, he says he has expectations but encouragement to match it.

“My family helps me and tells me not to worry,” said Graham. “They expect me to do my best in everything I do, including trying to play college ball.”

Graham says coping with the nerves is easier with a positive team and coaching dynamic.

“We have to trust each other,” said Graham. “Coach Cook’s mentality for us is very up tempo, and he trusts us, too.”

Graham says basketball has been his whole life, and it still would be even if he weren’t a legacy player.

“Basketball is all I’ve ever really been passionate about, and my family is connected to it,” said Graham. “I honestly think I would still play even if it wasn’t in my family.”