Four Candidate Tickets Enter the Race for Senior Student Government

Make GRC Great Again


Emily Bloomfield, Viewpoints Editor


Throughout the hallways, creative slogans ring out, rhymes on posters hang above water fountains, and stickers decorate T-shirts; students at GRC know it’s not only a season of cold and snow but campaign season as well.

Four students have taken on the ultimate challenge of leading the student body and, with the help of their running mates, hearing students’ woes about the school.

Seniors Michael Hale, Kaille Weistroffer, Andrew Clark and Caleb May have until January to make their names and suggestions known and agreeable to their fellow senior classmates.

Hale, a leader in GRC marching band and marcher for five years, vows to give everyone a say. His focus is to get an opinion from everyone who wants to share and make changes for the good of the entire student body instead of a select few.

If elected student body president, he commits to bring attention to the availability of bathrooms, the dipping and smoking in the bathrooms, and bullying.

Former middle school Y-club president and member of Young Democrats club, Weistroffer has always felt strongly about politics.

She says getting elected student body president would be her opportunity to channel her passion of politics by including student opinions about future school decisions and issues, and doing so through polls and surveys.

Clark, having worked in national government under U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, would first be dedicated as president to open more restrooms, find a way to have school pep rallies, and fight against smoking in stairs.

As a goal-driven individual, he pledges to hear complaints and solutions students have to offer along with finding people willing to be involved with making changes apart from what Clark and his vice president already plan to do.

May, better known as “Stump” to his peers, is captain of the football team where strong leadership is required to guide such a young team. He plans to use the leadership skills he’s assimilated to unite the student body and have everyone come together to have a great year.

Candidates will continue to campaign for the remainder of December. When school resumes in January, seniors will get the opportunity to vote for president and vice president.

Look out for stickers, posters, and hashtags on twitter to find out more about your candidates and what they are up to.