Halloween Movies: Yes or No?

Two staff members go head to head

October 28, 2022

Two staff members go head to head on the merit of Halloween movies. With whom do you agree?

Halloween movies are an essential part of the fall vibe

Reagan Hayes

Holiday season, the most exhilarating time of the year, is at last approaching. It’s time to get into the fall mindset. Key traditions are held in place in order to achieve prime holiday cheer. One of the most important traditions for anticipating any holiday is to watch seasonal movies. 

Halloween movies are vital for starting off the spooky season right. Everyone loves to dress up in fun costumes and binge on candy, and these festive films add to the experience. 

Cozying up on the couch with the perfect Halloween movie is an amazing way to build your excitement for this fun holiday season.

Classic Halloween movies such as Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas are perfect for watching with the family. I have countless precious memories of watching Hotel Transylvania and Ernest Scared Stupid with my family.

All Halloween films, even Halloween episodes of different TV series, are another amusing way to celebrate this holiday. Every child of the early 2000s knows by heart the superior feeling of watching Disney Monstober, where favorite Disney Channel shows would cross over with exciting Halloween plotlines.

Some may argue against this enjoyable holiday as a whole, but this tradition is truly a nostalgic one. Do you remember being beyond excited to dress up as your favorite Disney princess or superhero every October 31st as a child?

Trick-or-treating; trading candy with your friends and having a massive candy stash for months after Halloween.  Carving and painting pumpkins is a supreme tradition. As aesthetically pleasing as regular pumpkins are for the fall, carving jack-o-lanterns and painting pumpkins adds that splash of Halloween spirit.

Halloween music has some of the most top tier holiday songs. Classics such as “Calling All the Monsters”, “Monster Mash”, and “Thriller” never grow old. 

Overall, Halloween has many aspects which make it one of the most delightful holidays to celebrate. There are many traditions that keep this day alive, but one of the most important proves to be Halloween movies.



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End Halloween and its movies immediately

Vanessa Durphy

Halloween is the worst holiday and needs to be taken away. It is a day meant for scares, sugar rushes, and foreseen dentist appointments. The only thing worse than Halloween? Halloween movies. 

The pointless scare fests are a waste of time and recycled story plots. The basic Halloween movies such as “The Addams Family”, “Hocus Pocus” and “Halloween Town” are all dull and unamusing to watch. Movies like these don’t compare at all to any of the greats. 

They have no importance or real story that makes a person want to watch it over and over. All the stories are the same: a scary family with a secret who just want to have a fun time.

There is no real passion or motive shown in any of these movies. I wouldn’t even call these movies. I’d call them children’s films, made purely for kicks and giggles. 

The films don’t represent the holiday as it is portrayed. When I think of a Halloween movie I’d think of horror, not a film that only focuses on a family of witches and trick or treating. 

If it isn’t obvious at this point I don’t like Halloween and I wholeheartedly believe it was the worst holliday made in all of history.

The only thing good about October 31st is the opportunity to dress up as someone or something completely different, a chance to get away from reality. 

Some would argue that Halloween movies are funny and interesting, however Halloween movies add no contribution to the movie industry and the world of film.

If I had any chance in changing history it would be to take away the holiday where kids get sick and anxious parents worry about their kids roaming around late at night banging on doors. 

This event makes no sense, why would it be such a big celebration? Not only is halloween a creepy man’s playground but also a senseless celebration of nonsense. If the holiday is that bad on its own, tell me why we need movies representing that as well. 


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