Student Government: Our Chance to Have a Voice, Affect Change

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Student Government: Our Chance to Have a Voice, Affect Change

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Republic: a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president.

The United States of America does a superior job of granting its citizens the rights and opportunities they ask for and allowing them to hold ultimate power rather than a monarch.

High school students have the same opportunity to voice these rights and hold some of the power; however, at GRC, students are letting these privileges go to waste.

As a School of Distinction, it is past time to start a student-led government to act as a student voice and build student involvement throughout the school and community; after all, schools are for the students.

In previous years, student government has been attempted. Last year, for example, failure to start campaigning until the school year was half way over resulted in ineffective leadership.

This year, however, campaigning will be open well before Christmas, giving students time to advertise as class president or vice president and promote ideas for change and plans to better the school.

At the end of the campaigning cycle, the student body will vote leaders in their grade according to who they feel would put in the most work and effect the most change for the school.

Fundraising, planning school functions, and suggesting changes around the school are responsibilities that need to be considered while making a decision about a class leader.

Ideally, the senior president and vice president would be able to give their direct insight to administrators on policies and ideas regarding the student body.

The time has come for leaders to step up and represent the student body and allow students to feel like they have a voice within the school.

The GRC administration has made clear that student government is an organization it will support if the initiative if taken by students.

High school indeed exists to produce independent thinkers, community leaders, and productive citizens but students can only be led so far before it is on us to do our part.

The possibility to have a voice is right in front of our reach – all we need now are students who are willing to lead.