Mr. Olsen Changes the Game

Choir Director Brings Harmony to Its Members

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Mr. Olsen Changes the Game

Emily Rice, Features Editor

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Stepping out on the stage and climbing the risers. Turning around and facing the blinding lights, but knowing there are hundreds of people just on the other side of them.

The tension is high on the day of a choir concert, but there is one feeling
of reassurance once the curtains are pulled- looking out and seeing your choir director surrounding by beams of light, raising his arms to start conducting.

Two years ago, Mr. Olson became that choir director. From his very first day, Mr. Olson changed the game for all choir members.

“We work from the time we get in there to the time it’s over,” said choir vice president Cheyenne Ashworth.

“Each class, or rehearsal, is taken seriously,” choir president Elena Guerra added. “Never are we sitting on our phones. There’s never a minute wasted.”

All of this hard work paid off when GRC’s choir received proficient at the state assessment, an impressive feat for having a new director.

Olson’s leadership has changed the atmosphere of the choir entirely.

We’re all friends outside of choir,” Ashworth said. “We’re all in there working toward the same goal and want to be good singers.”

This year, that goal is to get distinguished at state assessment. Even though it is later in the school year, the choir is already preparing their performance pieces and practicing their sight singing, or solfege.

Both Guerra and Ashworth are excitedly anticipating not only state assessment, but also their concerts and other performances this year, with the help of Mr. Olson.

“I’m so thankful for Mr. Olson,” said Guerra. “I wasn’t as involved in choir last year, but now that I’m back in it, I’m so glad I came back.”

Ashworth added, “I think Mr. Olson deserves more recognition for what he does. He’s taken us so far.”

It is abundantly clear that the reassuring feeling of seeing the choir director on stage with you goes far beyond the mere performance. It extends to the entire choir experience, especially when the director is hardworking and caring as Mr. Olson.