Hot chocolate bomb worth a try even though it doesn’t live up to the hype


Shelby’s hot chocolate bomb

Shelby Summers

We have all heard of bath bombs but who knew in the year of all craziness, hot chocolate bombs would become popular.

I decided to try them out myself and was actually underwhelmed.

I had this big expectation that it would be magical but it wasn’t as grand as I pictured in my head. 

I expected to see the hot chocolate slowly mix and turn the water brown but all that happens is a couple of marshmallows pop up.

The bomb doesn’t dissolve either, the only way to get your hot chocolate to turn brown is to stir it.

How the hot chocolate bomb works is you get a class of milk and heat it up in the microwave until the milk is steamy. Then you drop your hot chocolate bomb in carefully and wait for it to explode.

What pops out is marshmallows or chocolate chips and the hot chocolate powder dissolves.

Lastly you stir everything up in the mug and enjoy a tasty sip of warm chocolate.

You can either buy or make these hot chocolate bombs.

I tried out two different ones and they were both bought. I think making one would be really fun. You just need to be creative and a good chef. 

In the end the hot chocolate bomb tasted really good. It was just not as exciting as you imagined.

I definitely think it’s something you should do over the holidays though.

So, make sure you get all cozy and drink some warm hot cocoa. 



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