Ashley Childers

Ashley Childers

Ashley Childers: Counselor for students with last names L-R

Something I look forward to every day as a counselor:

I look forward to working with students and helping them through the struggles of everyday life. Sometimes it is a struggle for students to make it through the school day; I enjoy figuring out coping skills while also coming up with a solution on how to best help the student.

My favorite part of the job:

My favorite part of being a school counselor is helping a student figure out their classes while also helping them figure out their next steps after high school. It is fascinating to see a student’s interest cultivate into a plan after graduation.

My favorite memory/experience I have had as a counselor:

My favorite memory is helping a student apply to college. The student was super stressed about the application process. We sat down and completed her application through the common app; it was rewarding to see the relief once she finished the application. She graduated high school and was accepted to her top college choice.

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