Ella Cooper

Hybrid schedule: Our safest option

This year has brought many uncertainties to our daily lives. We have come to one of the hardest decisions to make: How we will return to school? No one has ever experienced this before. One thing I know for sure is that if we are going back, we can not bring everyone all at once.

Before you jump into the lake, you’re not going to just jump in without putting on a life jacket or dipping your toes in the water. You’re going to put on that life jacket first.

I strongly believe that kids should have a choice to come back into school, but going back fully is harmful to everyone.

I am sure some are going to choose to stay virtual for health and personal reasons, so that does cut down the number of students that would be in the building. But I also know that there are very serious consequences, too. Social distancing would be harder to implement, and the classes would be larger, putting students and teachers at a higher risk of contracting the virus, and there would be less time to disinfect the building. 

Other counties started going back with a hybrid schedule a few weeks ago, and have had few cases in the school. They keep their six feet distance, wear their masks all day, and are able to learn safely in person. This gives the students two days in the building, keeps them safe from being exposed to large group gatherings, and gives a set day to disinfect the building. I know the options are not normal, but this seems like our best option. So why choose to bring everyone in five days a week?

Some students really do need some sort of interaction everyday. It keeps their mental health in a good place. But the priority should be the physical health of the students, teachers, and anyone else in the building. It shouldn’t be about pleasing everyone. It should be about making sure we all stay safe in this unsafe environment.

Most of the students and parents just want a sense of organization and community from our Board, and a safe way to get back in school. Give the students their life jackets before they jump into the lake of the unknown. Give us the hybrid schedule. 

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