Life goes beyond a senior year

We all want the same thing; we want our senior experience, but what are we willing to risk to achieve that? Our health? Our family’s health? Our lives?

Life goes beyond a senior year and even though I would like the normal experience I’m not willing to put myself and others at risk to achieve that. We all think we’re invincible until we’re not. I want my senior experience but it’s simply not worth the immense effort and health risks that will come along with in-person school.

A lot of the community is anticipating that school will be relatively the same when we return when that is not the case at all. Senior year is known for being the year you are with your friends and being social but this will not happen even if we do attend in-person school. Socializing will be nearly impossible when 6 feet away from everyone, being split from half of your class, and having to sit alone at lunch.

You can be angry, you can be enraged, but you are ignoring that no one is winning in this situation. We can be disappointed that we aren’t getting the senior year we anticipated but I really can’t be devastated when I look at what others are losing — family, friends, loved ones.

Senior year may not look the same as expected but that doesn’t taint the three special and memorable years I have had already. 

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