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Putting ‘normal’ school at risk

Let’s be honest — few of us really enjoy doing school work; we just like the interaction we get while being there. So when people hear that we could be going back to school they get excited because they think that it’s going to go back to how it used to be but it’s not. Going back is actually putting the “normal” school that everyone loves at risk.

When or if we go back there isn’t going to be that large social aspect that everyone loves. When going from class to class you’re not going to be able to stop and talk to your friends like you normally would. You will be going from one class to the next with no stopping to talk with your friends. Lunches aren’t going to be the same either; you will be in the lunchroom with two seats to a table and everyone facing the same direction.

Why would we want that when we can do online school and be free most days to do what we want and be with who we want.

Football games and other sporting events are not going to be the same until corona is over or the numbers stop going up, and going back to school is going to make the corona cases skyrocket.

We can be given all the rules to follow but that won’t stop the spread; it’s only taking the fun out of school.

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