Make the superior choice; opt to bask in the nostalgia of Disney +

Make the superior choice; opt to bask in the nostalgia of Disney +

Rachel Puckett, Editor-In-Chief

In choosing chocolates, white chocolate is acceptable until milk chocolate is offered. After all, who could choose white chocolate over milk chocolate?

That’s simply outlandish.

In choosing winter beverages, apple cider presents the perfect cozy liquid until the option of hot chocolate is on the table. Hot chocolate is the crowd favorite – always a must.

In choosing streaming services, Netflix was the only solution to innate boredom or deliberate procrastination, that was, until Disney + came into the picture.

The breadth of coverage and entertainment found on Disney + pales all others in comparison and is not unlike the hype that once surrounded Netflix.

Disney + is cheaper than Netflix and has a more permanent database of movies. Nothing is more frustrating when it comes to Netflix than when you go to the search bar to watch your favorite movie and realize the contract with Netflix was not renewed. Now you can no longer watch what you wanted.

Often times, the most popular movies released have an association with Disney and will only stay on Netflix for a short period of time if they ever go up in the first place. Sure, Netflix Originals are enjoyable, but they lack the worldwide recognition and family nostalgia Disney films receive.

With Disney + streaming their own content, their movies, TV shows, and short films will never filter off over time.

To further excite matters, Disney + not only produces all the Avengers and Star Wars films (for those beyond the four-year-old-princess-fanatic phase) but also streams Pixar and National Geographic films.

There is even a package deal to stream Disney + in all its glory with ESPN and Hulu for the same cost of Netflix. One almost feels sorry that Netflix never got invited to this amazing streaming deal.

Ultimately, the excitement that comes from watching my favorite childhood tv-shows like Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie or accessing the Disney classics such as Aladdin will fade over time. The novelty that comes from Disney + will seem average just as the wonder Netflix once brought now seems subpar to Disney +.

After all, every wonder becomes less special over time as technology advances and fads change. The fact of life is that one day using Netflix or even Disney + will feel just as ancient and annoying as imagining ourselves still having to go to a Hollywood Videos or a Blockbusters to rent VHS tapes and DVDs that are scratched or torn up due to the carelessness of the previous renter.

But for now, Disney + is the supreme streaming service for those who enjoy movies or reliving 2010 and all those corny yet timeless shows.

Grab some milk chocolate.

Pour a mug of hot chocolate.

Take a break from Netflix to enjoy Disney +.

And remember, “Good Luck Charlie.”