Happy Death Day 2U: A Sequel Better Than the Original

Olivia Montgomery, Editor-In-Chief

In the cinematic world, a sequel can be one of two things – a great way to continue the tale of a beloved story or a poorly executed attempt to capitalize off the success of the first movie.

Happy Death Day 2U accomplished the rare task of creating a fantastic sequel for those who liked the first
movie, perhaps taking the success to the next level by producing a sequel that was even better than the original. 

The first Happy Death Day was released in October of 2017, following the journey of the main character Tree as she lives the day of her death over and over again. She can’t stop the repetition until she finds out who the killer is and stops them. 

The first movie became a surprising hit amongst the community of thriller fans, earning it the chance for a sequel. 

However, the first movie only had one plot hole, which was leaving the audience to wonder what was actually causing the day to repeat. 

Happy Death Day 2U writer & director Christopher Landon, who also directed the Paranormal Activity series, must have heard this complaint loud and clear, for the sequel offered a scientific explanation to the question posed by the original film.  

The full explanation is quite perplexing, considering that it is based on Quantum Physics and the theory that time stretches across multiple dimensions. Think of this movie as a thriller/romantic comedy version of Interstellar. 

However, the movie makes it easy to understand and leaves the audience satisfied and entertained. 

While delivering jump scares, laughs, intrigue, and entertainment, the movie also manages to tug on the heart strings, as Tree is left to choose between her loved ones. 

She also learns the lesson that no one can have everything they want, but the choices they make form who they are as a person. 

For those who enjoyed the first Happy Death Day, the sequel is a must and well worth the time. 

For those who haven’t seen the first, watch it and go see the sequel. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.