You’re a mediocre one, Mr. Grinch

Emma Taylor, Sports Editor

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Excitement. Anticipation. Suspense.

Each of these emotions rushed through my mind when the news came about the new Grinch movie.

I went to see it as soon as possible; walked in with a big smile but unfortunately that’s not how I left.

Where was the Whobila- tion? Where was Cindy Lou Who’s dad? Who is the Grinch supposed to loathe entirely without mayor Augustus May- who? Where is the Grinch’s distant behavior towards

Max? Where is the Grinch’s childhood crush, Martha May Whovier?

The new Grinch movie is mediocre, sub-par, and outright disappointing. The problem with this is that his epiphany becomes diminished. The Grinch’s heart is said to be two sizes too small, but he’s not as heartless as believed.

The entire background of the Grinch’s childhood was completely rearranged. Without some of those key moments in his life he ends up growing into a different

person, prompting an altered storyline. This new storyline affects everyone in Whoville, not just the Grinch himself.

At several points during the film I saw that the Grinch actually liked Christmas and wanted so desperately to be a part of it. From his first interaction with Cindy Lou Who, he was ridiculously sensitive and caring.

The whole reason the Grinch lives on Mount Crumpit in the first place is because he hates the Whos and the Whos are petrified of him. Don’t expect the Whos to run in fear anymore; the days of fearing the Grinch are over.

Don’t even get me started on the music in the movie. The legendary “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” was transformed into rap; which doesn’t have the same effect at all. The classic “Where Are You Christ- mas” sung by Cindy Lou doesn’t even happen.

If you go expecting a remake of the live action version, don’t expect to be pleased. Feelings can be best described by the Grinch as, “Hate, hate, hate… Double hate!… LOATHE ENTIRE- LY!”