Halloween Leaves You Searching for the Boogeyman

Halloween Leaves You Searching for the Boogeyman

Maxwell Clark, Production Editor

I sit leaning off the edge of my seat, ready to leap after each and every sound. I reach into my candy box to find my chocolate melting as warm blood pumps through my hands. 

This was my experience while watching the new Halloween movie in theatres. 

This film, which takes place exactly 40 years after the first movie, explores the minds of both Michael Myers, our deranged killer, and his victims, who once called him family. 

The very tension of this shattered relationship will have you trembling.

After the horrific acts of Michael Myers, his sister and her daughter are left with their lives changed forever. 

Michael’s niece, Karen Strode, spends the rest of her childhood learning from her mother how to defend herself from the so-called Boogeyman. 

Michael spends his years in a special prison and lives to kill Laurie Strode, who, despite being blood, refuses to claim him as her brother.

This is the point in time when the audience is reintroduced to the horrific story of Michael and his family. 

Laurie has never been able to move past Michael’s actions nor the thought of his return. 

Karen is found trying to live the normal life of a wife and mother despite the trauma of her childhood. Her daughter Allyson walks without full understanding of what happened on Oct. 31 so many years ago.

With the spooky season in our midst, the Halloween cinematic experience is one in which you will surely want to take part. 

This movie is truly thrilling, without the cheap jumps and scares so often found in horror flicks. 

Its story line is well thought out so it doesn’t leave you feeling like all your screams were worthless.

In an epic and absolutely brutal showdown between Michael, his family, and the police, your mind will race nearly as fast as your heart will beat. 

Don’t be mistaken, this new flick may be full of action, but it will surely leave you scanning the sidewalks on Halloween night, looking into the back seat when you’re driving alone, and triple checking the lock on your back door.

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