Students Participate in the Arts Both Inside, Outside of School

Plié’s and Plays


Shelby Summers performs in the Nutcracker.

Savannah Green, Multimedia Staff

Performing isn’t something that most people jump at the chance to do. The stage and the spotlight can be scary and intimidating, but to others, it’s home.

GRC offers opportunities to those who enjoy the performing, but some students have decided to take it a step further. From musicals, to plays, to dance programs, students have been getting involved in programs that aren’t just connected to the school.

“The arts outside of school is so important to me,” says Charli O Dell, 10th, who has participated in musicals, plays, and dance programs. “Of course, it is great to have the amazing arts program that we have in GRC, but having an outlet outside of school is what keeps me going.”

Participating in arts outside of school has also given performers an

opportunity to meet people who they may have never met otherwise.

“The difference between programs outside of the school environment for me is just that it feels more inclusive,” says Chandler Murray, 10th, a musical and play performer. “I’ve done shows with four year olds and people my age and people double my age. Also, I think being in those diverse environments has allowed me to grow more as an actor and has allowed me to expand my acting career.”

The arts are so much more than “just a performance” to those who participate in them. They allow students to express themselves and better themselves.

“My favorite thing about performing is probably the confidence it has given me,” says Murray. “Before I was on stage, I was super shy. I wasn’t able to do presentations or read in

front of a class, but now I’m perfectly capable of doing those things. I’ve learned to be more comfortable with myself and carry myself in a different way.”

And for others, the sensation of performing is what pulls them toward the stage.

“My favorite thing is the feeling you get before you go out on stage,” said Shelby Summers, 9th, who has danced since age 2 1⁄2. “I get butterflies in my stomach right before I go on and once I step on the stage I feel amazing. It’s the greatest feeling ever.”

Being on stage means costumes, makeup, and an overall transformation into someone else. Performers get the rare opportunity to turn themselves into new people.

“For the time that you’re on stage, all your own worries go away and you have to focus on your character’s life, opinions and hobbies,” said O Dell. “It’s a nice break from the real world.”

The inspiration for performing comes from different places for different people. For Murray, it came from his mom.

“My mother inspired me to start doing theater. She has always encouraged me to get up on the stage,” says Murray. “She says I was born to be up there and when she sees me on stage it looks like I am the most comfortable and authentic version of myself.”

These students along with several others have taken performing to the next level by performing outside of the school level, displaying the wide talents of the students of GRC to the outside community.

So bring on the stage and the spotlight because nothing can keep these students back.