It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Hopefully a Successful Franchise

Hangin’ with Hagan

Hagan Wells, Video News Editor


The superhero movie genre has been soaring to the top of the box office for quite some time now.

The majority of this success has been in the corner of the Marvel properties, such as the Avengers and the X-Men. With the next installment of the X-Men franchise, Logan coming out on March 3, Marvel can expect even more profit.

Since 2013, DC Comics have been attempting to replicate this. However, with the poor performances and reception of their first three films, the future of the DCEU has been under question, yet it shouldn’t be.

One major aspect that DC has going for them is their vast source material they have to pull from.

Since the 1930’s, DC Comics have produced compelling characters and stellar storylines. From the widely known superheroes like Batman to the more obscure Blue Beetle, there are so many angles and opportunities for Warner Bros. to take their superhero movies.

There are so many story arcs that DC has at their disposal that their writers have plenty of amazing stories that can play out on the big screen.

A great example of this is Batman’s Rogues Gallery. The Caped Crusader has countless villains he can challenge, which not only provides numerous antagonists to use, but would produce compelling stories that could put DC beyond Marvel’s stories.

On top of that, DC has been finding some major talent to execute their vision. Many questioned how Ben Affleck would do as Batman, and he was by far the best part of Batman v. Superman.

Gal Gadot has been excellent in what audiences have seen of her as Wonder Woman. Plus, with talented directors such as Patty Jenkins, David Ayer, and Matt Reeves attached to direct future films, DC has all of the necessary ingredients to succeed.

Another major key that DC has is the fact that they own all of their properties.

Despite Marvel’s huge successes, they have one problem. They do not own the film rights to all of their characters.

This means that the vast catalog of characters Marvel has is spread out across a few different studios, such as Disney owning the main Avengers characters, while Fox owns the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

The major downside to this is that Marvel has to replace certain characters in certain storylines since they can’t use all of their characters.

While they find a way to work around this, hardcore fans can tell the difference between using a side character the studio has rights to, and a major character that is owned by someone else.

DC doesn’t have to worry about this since Warner Bros. owns all of the DC characters.

By owning the rights to all of the characters, DC doesn’t have to make the same kind of compromises Marvel does and puts them further ahead in the competition.

Overall, moviegoers shouldn’t be scared of the future of DC films.

With everything they have at their disposal, these movies have all of the potential to seize box offices.

The Wonder Woman film comes out June 2nd, and the Justice League movie is set for November.

These movies should show the world how much of a powerhouse DC can be and put this shared universe on a fast track quicker than a speeding bullet.

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