A TV Series of Dreadfully Entertaining Events

Hagan Wells, Video News Editor




Hagan Wells

Video News Editor


Tragicomedy: a word which here means a play or novel with elements of both comedy and tragedy. This word perfectly nails the whole idea of the new Netflix show, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

In this series, the three Baudelaire siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, lose their parents in a fire, which sets in motion a rotation of new guardians while the kids must thwart the schemes of the evil Count Olaf to get the children’s fortune.

The show is adapted from Lemony Snicket’s book series and does a very good job.    While there are a few changes from page to screen, the magic of the stories is excellently displayed.

By covering the first four books in eight, two-part episodes, the show doesn’t feel dragged out or slow, but entertaining and exciting.

The story wouldn’t be so well executed if not for the captivating cast.

One of the most perfect castings ever seen is Neil Patrick Harris as the villainous Count Olaf.

His versatile performance of acting, singing, and costumes make him the perfect fit for the role and one of the best parts of the series.

The practically unknown actors Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, and Presley Smith do a fantastic job portraying the persevering Baudelaires. Each brings their own kind of charm to each of their roles.

Patrick Warburton is excellent as the 4th-wall breaking narrator, Lemony Snicket. His deadpan delivery and melancholy views add another layer of entertainment for viewers.

On top of all of that, the tone and settings of the show are very fitting.

At one moment, viewers are treated to bright, colorful sceneries and beautiful special effects.

Then, a couple of seconds later, the camera will shift onto the doom and gloom of a bleak landscape.

These sets, combined with dialogues mixed with dark humor and glimpses of happiness help convey the show’s main theme; that life can be difficult and horrible with no happy ending in sight, but there are always moments of hope, happiness, and triumph.

Overall, audiences cannot go wrong with streaming A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The story, characters, and production make the show an excellent showcase of entertainment.

Anyone from kids to teens to adults will find something to enjoy in this sad tale. There may be times where the story takes a leap that you might question. However, those times are either explained away or so interesting that you’ll still enjoy every minute of the show.

Plus, with only eight episodes around an hour long each, you can easily binge-watch the show in a day or two.

So, despite the theme song’s plea for you to look away, make sure you do the opposite and soak in every moment of the lives of the unfortunate Baudelaires.

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