KUNA 2023 was a movie

March 14, 2015


Smoke Signals writer Zach Ross shares his personal experience at the conference.

Amidst stressful times, sometimes it’s nice to relax and rewind with a good movie, and every good film starts with a lights, camera, Zaction!

This year I had the privilege of running as a Presiding Officer Candidate at High School KUNA 1, an experience that made this conference the best one ever. From meeting new people to giving speeches in front of the entire assembly to drinking an abundance of strawberry smoothies, this KUNA was unforgettable.

The premise of KUNA lies in addressing issues and proposing hypothetical solutions regarding various countries that are a part of the UN. These solutions are drafted into something called a resolution.

As a candidate, I got to review each resolution and draft speeches supporting every solution. The resolutions addressed topics ranging from reparation of cultural artifacts to the right to wear religious head coverings to migrant labor systems. 

Ambassadors from GRC also created a resolution which addressed Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum in Sweden! Ann MCCreary, Mallory Jones, Landon Runyon, and Josh Muse put in hours of preparation, and their resolution even got endorsed by the Secretary General!

However, resolutions aren’t the only thing that takes place at KUNA. There are many different programs within the conference, such as the Media Corp, ICJ (International Court of Justice), Secretariat, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), and the Security Council. 

GRC was all in at KUNA, as well. From being recognized as a premier delegation to having an ICJ team in the showcase round to getting our resolution endorsed, our small group had a blast while debating. 

Despite the business of debate, KUNA is a place that redefines fun. The silent disco proves to be one of the best experiences KUNA has to offer, and I got to experience it with some of my fellow candidates!

While the ambassadors truly help make the conference a success, the candidates set the mood for KUNA. Each and every candidate I met was an absolutely amazing person, and I am so excited to see them conquer next year’s conference!

While every good movie starts with a lights, camera, Zaction, there must come a time for the movie to end. KUNA 2023 was truly an unforgettable experience, but now we must roll the credits. 


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