Students make their mark at KUNA conference

March 14, 2015


Students had a great weekend at the KUNA conference.

Sweden, Cambodia, Taiwan, Guinea, Poland, Canada… Each member country of the UN can be accurately represented in a mock assembly made of purely high school students. 

KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) gives students the opportunity to advocate on behalf of international issues. Through debate, democracy, and pure determination, KUNA is a place where every student can make their voice heard and help change the world.

The premise of KUNA lies in addressing issues and proposing hypothetical solutions regarding various countries that are a part of the UN. These solutions are drafted into something called a resolution.

The resolutions this year were nothing short of outstanding, proposing solutions that addressed sweatshops, rising sea levels, Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum, censorship of the media, and so much more.

But KUNA is not just about resolutions. There are many different programs within the conference, such as the Media Corp, ICJ (International Court of Justice), Secretariat, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), and the Security Council. 

Each specific program has special duties, whether to help keep countries safe through the Security Council, argue international affairs through the International Court of Justice, or even decipher which resolutions have the most viable solutions in the Secretariat. 

The people, however, are what make or break the conference. From all of the different program areas and schools, every ambassador comes together to create an unforgettable conference. 

“I walked into KUNA this year knowing that as a candidate I was going to be talking to a bunch of people, and it ended up being one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended!” says newly elected Presiding Officer from Woodford County, Hannah Hash. “The people are the heart of the conference and truly drive both debate and the sense of community that you find there, which sets KUNA apart from any other conference!” 

The life of the conference lies in the hands of the candidates, however. These are ambassadors who are hoping to become a Presiding Officer for next year, and their energy is unmatched.

This year, GRC was all in at KUNA. From having an ICJ team in the showcase round to being recognized as a premier delegation to even having a student be a candidate for Presiding Officer, KUNA 2023 was an experience that will never be forgotten. 

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