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Ten short stories every teen should read before leaving high school

Taylor Rader, Opinions Editor

April 8, 2019

1.The Scarlet Ibis If you have any siblings, especially younger ones, then this is a must read. An older brother recalls the time a scarlet ibis landed in his backyard, prompting him to tell the story of his little brothe...

Spring has sprung...

Spring has sprung…

April 8, 2019

Happy Death Day 2U: A Sequel Better Than the Original

Olivia Montgomery, Editor-In-Chief

March 11, 2019

In the cinematic world, a sequel can be one of two things – a great way to continue the tale of a beloved story or a poorly executed attempt to capitalize off the success of the first movie. Happy Death Day 2U accomplished the ra...

Netflix movie “Bandersnatch” is as mind-bending as its name

Taylor Rader, Opinions Editor

February 1, 2019

If you have social media or a Netflix account, you have probably heard of Black Mirror’s interactive movie, “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.”  Bandersnatch is Netflix’s first choose-your-own-adventure movie in which the viewe...

Dumplin’ Promotes Self-confidence

Lauren Brinegar, Photo Editor

January 17, 2019

“It’s hard being a diamond in a rhinestone world.” – Dolly Parton Dumplin’ is a wholesome, self-accepting movie that will make you laugh and warm your heart. Rising above some predictability, stereotyping, and dispensable...

5 Treats to Enjoy This Holiday Season

Haley Snell, Social Media Editor

December 7, 2018

No one ever thinks of the holidays as the time to try of that new diet, or start going to spin classes. That can wait for New Year’s. Treat yourself this season to some of my favorite festive treats.   Eggnog This...

Bluegrass: Perfect mix of old, modern for the new generation

Lauren Brinegar, Photo Editor

November 29, 2018

You’ve heard of the king of pop and the kind of rock, but have you heard of the father of bluegrass? Bill Monroe was born and raised in Kentucky and started a band called “The Bluegrass Boys”. The name was ...

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