Cuccinelli represents GRC, community as DYW

Channing Taulbee, Photo Editor

Months of preparation. Weeks of dedication. It all came down to this.

Earlier this month, Caroline Cuccinelli, Clark County’s 2020 Distinguished Young Woman, competed for the title of Kentucky’s Distinguished Young Woman with 31 other girls from all across the state.

Cuccinelli’s journey began on Jan. 5th and did not end until late Saturday night, Jan. 11th. She was assigned to a host family and stayed in Lexington during the week.

“My host mom Marilyn was very sweet,” Cuccinelli said. “I did not have a roommate, but I still had an awesome time. Marilyn took me to all the rehearsals and supported me the whole time.”

Throughout the week, she spent her time rehearsing, volunteering at the VA hospital, working with children at a local middle school, and spending time with the other contestants.

“The days were long, but the week felt short,” said Cuccinelli. “It was just an amazing experience overall, and I made so many memories during the week.”

The best part about her week she described was “meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends [she] had met this past summer.”

During preliminaries Caroline thrived in fitness, talent, and self-expression. She received a preliminary talent award for singing the song Time to Say Goodbye.

“This was the same song I sang during Clark County’s DYW,” Cuccinelli said. “I have been working on this song for the past eight months. So, this award meant a lot to me due to all the time and effort I have put into it. Everyone who participated in the program was so talented, so I felt honored to receive this award.”

Caroline has earned a total scholarship amount of $2,100 from the DYW state and local programs.

“I am so grateful to have received the scholarships that I have,” Cuccinelli said. “I know that it will help me out in college and beyond.”

Caroline expressed her appreciation for all the people who have helped her and supported her throughout her DYW journey.

“I want to thank my parents for supporting me and helping me get to where I am today,” said Cuccinelli. “I also want to thank Donna Fuller and the whole Clark County DYW committee for their encouragement, support, and for coming to all of my shows.”