5 Treats to Enjoy This Holiday Season

Haley Snell, Social Media Editor

No one ever thinks of the holidays as the time to try of that new diet, or start going to spin classes. That can wait for New Year’s. Treat yourself this season to some of my favorite festive treats.



This drink has been a Christmas classic for years. To take it up a notch, you can drink it out of a glass reindeer mug like Cousin Eddie from Christmas vacation. Or, adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the top does the trick too.


Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy!

Ever wondered how you could enjoy the chocolate-y, creamy taste of hot chocolate without burning your tongue? If so, then this is the cookie you’ve been waiting for. Each cookie has a creamy, hot chocolate-meets-ganache-like center, and topped with marshmallow flavored chips.


Peppermint Bark

Put a couple of squares of peppermint bark in your purse to substitute for breath mints this holiday season; they are much tastier. The combination of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and peppermint in my mouth makes me want to dance and sing Christmas carols.


Hot Cocoa Blizzard

As you could probably tell, I’m a pretty big fan of hot cocoa. This frozen treat blends Oreo pieces with chocolate ice cream to take a delicious spin of the hot drink. It’s even topped with whipped cream, which makes it just like the real deal.


Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes

I never indulge in Little Debbie snack cakes, but the holidays are a time to treat yourself. The white cake tree is a Christmas classic, but they recently came out with a red velvet option which might be my new personal favorite.


I know the holidays are hectic, but I hope can find time to try out one of these delicious treats. Trust me, wrapping grandma’s gift for the family Christmas gathering can wait!