Smoke Signals Wins Third State Championship

Staff Wins 17 Individual Awards, Including Four Individual Championships


2016-17 State Championship Newspaper Staff


The Smoke Signals newspaper was named the General Excellence winner in Class 3A newspaper division of the Kentucky High School Journalism Association annual contest. This marks the paper’s third state championship. Smoke Signals won the Class 3A state in 2010, 2013 and 2017. The paper finished third in 2014 and was runner-up in 2016. Here are the official results:

Class AAA Newspaper Division
George Rogers Clark High School
duPont Manual High School
Oldham County High School

The contest covers papers published from March 2016-March 2017.

The staff won 17 awards in 15 writing, advertising, illustration, design and photography categories. Smoke Signals swept all places in the advertising and photography categories.

Individual state champions were Media Editor Andrew Clark (2), Editor-in-Chief Laura Graves and Illustrator Derek Scott.

Winners were:

3A Newspaper Division:
Feature Writing: Andrew Clark, STATE CHAMPION; Kathryn Gallenstein, 3rd Place
Editorial Writing: Megan Rowe, 2nd Place; Kathryn Gallenstein, 3rd Place
Review Writing: Maddie Mann, 2nd Place; Stephanie Hull, 3rd Place
Photography: Laura Graves, STATE CHAMPION; Dustin Summers (Class of 2016),
2nd Place; Sydni Marstella, 3rd Place
Advertising: Shelby Gilkerson (Class of 2016), STATE CHAMPION;
Lauren Palmer, 2nd Place; Tommy Bankes, 3rd Place
Editorial Cartoon: Derek Scott, STATE CHAMPION; Derek Scott, 2nd Place
Overall Design: Smoke Signals, tie for 3rd Place
Illustrations & Graphics: Derek Scott, 2nd Place
Best Student Online Publication: Jordan Vallejo, 2nd Place

3A Broadcast Division:
Andrew Clark also won four awards in various Broadcast categories but GRC did not place overall in that division. His Broadcast Division awards:
STATE CHAMPION, Sports Package; 3rd place, Humorous Feature;
2nd Place, Documentary; 3rd Place, Videography

2017 Smoke Signals Staff:

Laura Graves and Carson Kovalic: Editors In Chief
Megan Rowe: Managing Editor
Emily Bloomfield: Viewpoints Editor
Samantha Wasson: Photo Editor
Tommy Bankes: Photographer/Staff Writer
Caitlain Stewart: Assistant Features Editor
Derek Scott: Illustrator
Andrew Clark: Media Editor
Elizabeth Hardiman: Social Media Editor
Hannah Ritchie and Caroline Miller: Advertising Representatives
Aaliyah Crawford, Lexi Back: Staff Writers

Emily Rice: Features Editor
Kathryn Gallenstein: Sports Editor
Jordan Vallejo: Online Editor
Katelyn Fugate: Video Editor
Sydni Marstella: Photo Editor
Maddie Mann: Arts & Entertainment Editor
Hagan Wells: Cardinal News Nest Editor
Thomas Cantrell: Assistant Viewpoints Editor
Lyric Campbell: Video Staff
Makenzie Dummitt, Lauren Palmer, Spencer McCord, April Collins,
Stephanie Hull, Rebecca Eaves: Staff Writers