New Equipment Brings New Opportunities


From left, Mrs. Abner, Katie Wheeler, Luccia Aversano, Aylin Hernandez, Jacob Stead, Cameron Sendra

Sydni Marstella, Photo Gallery Editor

Normally, it would take an aspiring nurse almost three years to become certified in multiple areas in the medical field, and close to $4,000 to cover all of the cost.

Now at GRC the students who go through the health occupations pathway can earn their certifications as a Phlebotomist, EKG technician, and Certified Nursing Assistant before they even graduate high school with no out of pocket fees.

Dr. Shanda Morris donated eight new pieces of equipment to the Nurse Aide program, including an EKG machine and an ultrasound machine.

Katie Wheeler practices on Aylin Hernandez.
Katie Wheeler practices on Aylin Hernandez.

With this new equipment, Mrs. Abner and Mrs. Cowan can now instruct these students on how to draw blood professionally, and take electrical readings of the heart in order to equip them for the new certifications they will obtain.

“Mrs. Cowan and I are extremely excited for the new possibilities this will bring our program,” said Mrs. Abner.