Buffalo Bills will be 2023 World Champs


The regular season of the 2022-23 NFL football season has come to end, and that means one thing: it’s playoff time. 

The 14-team playoff bracket has been set. A few teams were knocked out of the playoffs after a wild closing day, causing the likes of Green Bay, Detroit, New England, Pittsburg, and Tennessee to be eliminated from contention. Other fan bases such as Jacksonville, Miami, and Seattle, however, are rejoicing after clinching their spot in the playoffs.

Millions of fans around will be supporting their team, but only one can take home the Lombardi Trophy. The two clear and obvious favorites would be the the one seed of the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the one seed of the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles. Both finished the year with a 14-3 record and established themselves as the two most feared teams in the league. 

Other teams look to snatch the glory from the two favorites and become world champs themselves. High-powered offenses like the Chargers, Bengals, Jaguars, and Cowboys think they can out-score teams on their way to the superbowl. They have consistently put up big numbers on the scoreboard and look to do the same in the postseason. 

San Francisco, Baltimore, and Jacksonville all utilize their defenses to claw their way to victories. By not letting their competitors score, they have little to do on the offensive side to win games. This strategy has seen them into the playoffs and their gameplan won’t change any time soon. If their offenses are functioning like intended, they’ll blow through the opposition. 

With all this being said, once again, there is only one team that can win it all. To win you must be firing on all cylinders, both offense and defense. In a league that has so much talent, you can’t afford to be slacking on one side of the ball.

The team that is going to have the most success and go the distance is the team that puts the ball in the opponent’s endzone while keeping it out of their own. There is one team that does this at a high level: The Buffalo Bills. 

The Buffalo Bills are going to win the 2023 Super Bowl. 

It’s a no brainer: the Buffalo Bills are elite on both offense and defense, skyrocketing their chances to excel in the playoffs. They are the second best offense in the NFL, averaging close to 28 points per game. Defensively, they held teams to only 18 points per game, the third best out of anyone left in the playoffs.

The Bill’s offense is one to be feared. Led by generational talent Josh Allen at the quarterback position, they are used to scoring touchdown after touchdown. Along with Josh Allen, they have another all-star at receiver in Stephon Diggs.

This quarterback-receiver duo is deadly and have connected for 11 touchdowns during the regular season. Opposing coaches will have to adjust their gameplans to compensate for the abilities of this offense, and that is no easy feat. 

As for the defense, they control the run game. Their competitors average 4 yards a carry against them and struggle to break through the defensive line. Furthermore, they have elite players in their secondary. They have pro-bowl caliber players at cornerback and safety. After teams realize they can’t run the ball against this Bill’s defense, they then try to throw it and have just as much success. 

The only team that rivals the Bills on both sides of the ball would be the Philadelphia Eagles. This Eagles team is just as elite as the Bills, scoring 28 points a game and allowing 20. The Eagles are definitely a scary side to face, but the Bills have something the Eagles don’t that will push them over the edge — Damar Hamlin. 

Damar Hamlin, a Buffalo Bills safety, recently suffered cardiac arrest on the field during their last game against the Bengals. This shook not just the Bills and Bengals teams, but the entire football world.

No one knew how to react as nothing like this has ever happened on the football field before now. The only thing people could do was hope and pray that Hamlin would fight through and make it out to the other side. 

Damar Hamlin, 9 days later, was discharged from the hospital in a miraculous recovery. 

Hamlin puts the Bills over the other teams as he gives them motivation.  They’re not just playing to win the Super Bowl anymore, they are playing to honor their brother. Their performance in the playoffs is dedicated to him, and they will put everything on the line for their teammate. This motivation might just be the deciding factor that leads to them raising the trophy later down the line. 

Bills fans are going to be happy people once that final game rolls around. Because of their elite offense and defense and motivation coming from Damar Hamlin, their end goal of victory isn’t something out of reach, but instead just looming on the horizon an arm’s length away.  

On February 12th, a single team will be named world champions of football. They’ll be showered in layers of confetti while trying to wipe away their tears. Later on, their championship-winner rings will be shipped to them to keep and cherish for the rest of their lives. It would be very surprising if that confetti wasn’t blue and red and the rings didn’t read: BUFFALO BILLS – 2023 CHAMPIONS!